12 Questions to Ask Your Kids Before 2017

My wife and I recently sat down with each of our children and asked them to finish this sentence…  “You feel most loved by me when _________________________.”

Here were their responses (in their own words):  I feel most loved by you when…

  • You notice when I do things right.
  • We spend time together by ourselves.
  • You ‘step up’ and do things with me that no one else wants to do with me.
  • You play baseball with me in the backyard.

I’d have to say, those were some pretty simple, yet really good responses that helped my wife and I to be reminded of the importance of making sure we are speaking our child’s love language in the way that they understand it best.

We asked them to complete that sentence as a part of 12 questions that we asked them as we enter into a new year.  I was blessed, surprised, humored, as well as pleased by some of their responses to those questions.

Today, I’m making those questions available to you and challenging you to make some time before the new year to sit down with each of your children and ask them these same 12 questions (or modify them to your liking if you want).

Have a pen handy and take some notes, and then make sure to discuss your child’s responses with your spouse (or ask them the questions together as a couple).  I guarantee you that if you’ll do this, you’re going to learn some important things about your child that will help you be a better parent for them in the coming year.

Taking time to listen to the heart of your child is one of the best ways you can gift yourself to them during this holiday season.

So, here’s your list of questions!

Have fun, and remember… you only get one chance to get this parenting thing right.  So make the most of it!

If you take the challenge, I’d love for you to let me know how it goes.  May God’s richest blessings be upon you and your family as you enter into 2017.  Happy New Year!

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