8 Reasons Your Kids are Misbehaving


Every parent deals with bad behavior from their kids from time to time.

I can remember a time in particular when one of our boys seemed to be repeatedly pushing his siblings and hitting them with whatever he happened to have in his hand at the moment.  What we came to realize was that he was actually playing out in real life what he had been recently exposed to through some action-packed video games and movies.

Sometimes, as parents, we’re guilty of thinking that our kids are just being bad when there may be more going on underneath the surface that we need to be paying attention to. So what are some of the reasons why kids misbehave?

While there may be many reasons for kids misbehaving, here are 8 that every parent must consider:

1. They have an irregular/unhealthy diet.

Bottom line – What kids eat has an effect on how they behave.  Doctors have been saying it for years, but it’s true – healthy eating encourages better behavior.

2. They have a lack of consistent discipline.

Yes, good old-fashioned discipline still works and is a cornerstone of practical and successful parenting. discipline may take on different forms for different families, but nonetheless, it’s…  Continue reading >>

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