Children’s Ministry – A Second Voice

We’ve all been there before when we tell our kids something and they just roll their eyes at us like, “Whatever”, but then miraculously, as soon as someone else in their life suggests the exact same thing, they respond positively like it was a great idea.

Second Voice

Every Godly parent desires to instill within their children the character traits of Godliness, discipline, good manners, and faith. It’s what we’re intuitively created by God to do – raise kids with good character.

Why then does it seem so hard? Why does it feel like pulling teeth sometimes to get those little rascals to listen up and follow the simplest of directions without feeling like you’ve got a fight on your hands?

Is there an answer? Is there a solution? Yes.

“Sometimes all it takes is another person saying exactly the same things you’ve been saying all along, but in a different voice.”

That’s where I believe children’s ministry comes in as a second voice in your parenting efforts.

From the start, the purpose of children’s ministry has never been to take the place of parents in the spiritual formation process, but rather to partner with them. Children’s ministry comes alongside of what parents are already doing, and like a megaphone, helps turn up the volume for your kids on those important character development and spiritual issues.

What parent in their right mind wouldn’t want another authority in their child’s life to be supporting them in their efforts by saying the same things week in and week out just in different words and in a different voice? What parent wouldn’t want their kids to be influenced by other spiritual mentors and examples of faith?

Just like adults, kids can get used to hearing the same voice saying the same things in the same way over and over again to the point that they eventually just tune you out. But then, someone else comes and says the same thing you’ve been saying all along, and your child “get’s it”. Don’t begrudge those moments, but be thankful for them.

I truly wish that more parents would understand the power of multiplied influence they could have in their children’s lives if they would make faithful church attendance more of a priority. Because in the end when it comes to their kids, they’re really helping themselves, making their own job easier one week at a time.

It’s time more parents tapped into the resource of a free, spiritual and positively influential second voice in their child’s life – Children’s Ministry!

For others, it may be time for you to take the step of getting involved in children’s ministry, making your voice heard for the sake of the next generation.

And if you’re currently involved in children’s ministry, recognize that you are a vital part of the reinforcement team to the parents and families of your church. We are the bench warmers who get to get in the game on the weekends and make mom and dad’s job of raising spiritual champions easier and more successful. And may we never take that responsibility lightly.

  •  I was first introduced to “The Second Voice Philosophy” by my good friend, Mike Holmes of Baptist Youth Mission and I will be speaking at the ReachKeep Conference in April about the importance of how churches can better and more creatively partner with parents to reach the next generation. You can find out more about the conference at

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