Could Your Family Be Found Guilty Of Having Too Much Fun?

Have you ever been around “that family” that just can’t help but laugh together, joke around together, make fun of each other (in a good way), and just simply have a good time without even seeming to try?

It’s refreshing to see families living and loving life together.  It’s even more refreshing when that family is your own.

If your family was accused of allegedly having way too much fun together, and placed on trial, would there be enough evidence to convict you of such a claim?

Every family needs regular daily laughs and fun together, and every family also needs strategic times of anticipation, excitement, and time spent together to develop and nurture their relationships.

Here are some thought provoking questions for you to answer to determine if your family could be ‘convicted’ of having way too much fun:

  1. Is laughter a natural and daily part of your family life? (in the backyard, around the dinner table, in the vehicle?)
  2. When is that last time you scheduled something fun and exciting for your family to do together on your day off, just because you wanted to be together having a good time?
  3. Have you taken a family vacation in the last year… last two years… last three years?
  4. Family memories don’t have to happen on a day off or a vacation away.  When is the last time you simply had a “family fun night”? Have you had at least one in the last 3-4 weeks?
  5. When you do spend time together as a family, do you actually unplug by turning your phone off, or at least keeping it put away, and trying to be totally present in the moment?
  6. When is the last time you purposefully added humor into your family life… like playing a practical joke on another family member, just for fun? (You know, like freezing mayo in the tub of vanilla ice cream.)  Sometimes the little things can make the biggest memories.
  7. When’s the last time your kids asked if you could all go do something fun (bowling, go to the park, go out for pizza or ice cream, take a family bike ride) and you enthusiastically said “YES! Let’s do it!” without hesitation?
  8. Have your kids been envying other families that always seem to be having more fun than yours, or do other kids seem to envy your family for how much fun you have together?
  9. How many times in the past week have you told your kids a joke, intentionally tried to make them laugh or smile, tickled them, wrestled with them, or played outside with them?  How much have you been conscious of the little things that make being a kid so much fun?
  10. When is the last time you did something crazy just for fun… like downloaded a crazy app just so that you could get some good laughs with your family? (Here’s a few hilarious ones to try – Aging Booth, Mix Booth, Red Hands, Math Fight)

So how did you do?  Of the 10 questions, how many could you answer in the positive? (Yes, you may need to go back and count your answers.)  Could your family be convicted of having too much fun?  Grade yourself:

  • 0-4:  There’s not enough evidence to convict you.  Your family needs to have way more fun together.
  • 5-6:  They’ve got some dirt on you, so there might be a case. Your family is off to a good start, keep improving.
  • 7-8:  Your family is almost sure to be convicted of having way too much fun.  Keep up the good work!
  • 9-10:  Your family is found guilty as charged – a way cool, fun-filled family that is charged with the irreversible consequences of life-long memories made and relationships built.

So, is your family guilty of having way too much fun, or far too little?  A good question to answer, considering you only have a limited amount of time to maximize on the unlimited amount of fun that can be had in a family.

Go out and do something TODAY to get yourself convicted for being ‘that family’ that’s guilty of having way too much fun!

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