KidzBlast Ministries


KidzBlast ministries exists for the purpose of helping your local church by providing quality and tested children’s ministry resources for VBS, Children’s Church, and the Bus Ministry.

KidzBlast resources are created by children’s ministry leaders for children’s ministry leaders who are looking for a solid, yet simple approach to working with kids.

By combining faith with fun, we’ve created active and engaging materials for your ministry.

VBS programs can be complicated and taxing.  Our desire is to provide all the fun without all the fluff.  On, you can choose from a variety of VBS themes that include everything you need (lessons, PowerPoints, songs, games, skits) compiled together for a complete five day program at a very minimal cost.  These themes can also be used as a children’s church series or in any other kids ministry setting.

Do you have a bus ministry?  There is a variety of contest themes and weekly flyers available as well.

We believe that children’s ministry was meant to be simple, yet effective, and that’s exactly what KidzBlast Ministries makes possible.

Our ultimate desire is to enhance and increase your effectiveness in reaching kids with the message of Jesus!

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  • Erica

    We had Bro. Andrew at our church twice and I will tell you that his Kidz Blasts are so enjoyable! Not only do you get the fun from a person with an extended amount of church experience with kids with all the funny activities. He is a servant who will bend over backwards to help you, for instance, he had no problem dressing up and going out to the park prior to our Kidz Blast to invite children to come. The main focus truly is centered around teaching children about salvation and godly living through Bible preaching that is at their level. If you are considering choosing Andrew Linder for your next children’s outreach, then I think he (and his family) are a great choice!

  • D.J. Bosler

    Love the focus ” to enhance and increase your effectiveness in reaching kids with the message of Jesus! “