Why Parents Should Use the Election to Teach Their Kids to Vote

Right now, many American are sitting on the edge of their seat, believing that we are facing the most important election in our nation’s history.  


However, when you stop and think about it, that’s most likely been the case with every previous election ever held, as well as for every future election that will ever be held. 

Why?  Because the most important election ever is always the one we’re currently facing.  So much is on the line for a nation’s future as well as for future generations every time we go to the voting box.

Over the next century, a lot of world change is sure to happen.  But guess what?… It’s not going to be us who votes in the future leaders of the next century, but our children.  

With that in mind, we need to be instilling within our kids an understanding of the importance of the political process, and how and why to vote as a Christian. 

I believe that there is no more perfect time than in an election cycle to talk about these issues together.

Here are a couple of thoughts from a Biblical perspective to teach your kids about the value of voting:

1) It’s a unique privilege…. That not everyone has. 

We live in a country with the freedom to vote, which should not be taken for granted.  Thankfully we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship.  We the people have the privilege to play a part in our nation’s direction and future.

2) It’s a weighty responsibility… Not to be taken lightly.

For a Christian to simply choose not to vote is to fail to be a good citizen.  There will never be perfect candidates, and there will never be a perfect government (if you watched last night’s debate, you know just how true that is), but there will always be a responsibility for Christians to help shape our country one vote at a time. 

3) It’s a moral obligation… To future generations.    

When a Christian casts a vote, they are not first and foremost casting a vote for any person, but for a set of principles that will inevitably lead our nation in a future direction.  By doing so they are making a contribution to society and its future.  They are paying it forward to their children and grandchildren, by setting an example of responsible citizenship, as well as by doing their part to prepare for them a better tomorrow.

In teaching my children of their moral obligation to vote when they become of age, I have taught them that I always strive to vote with these three things in mind that are most consistent with my Biblical beliefs:

  • I vote for LIFE
  • I vote for THE FAMILY
  • I vote for ISRAEL

May these three things always be as close to our heart as they are to God’s.

Here are some great questions to ask and discuss with your children:

  • What is the purpose behind voting and elections as the process we use to choose our leaders?
  • What is a Christian’s attitude towards voting supposed to be?  Obligatory or Indifferent?
  • Can one person’s vote really make a difference?
  • What could happen if every person in America really voted their beliefs?

So much more could be expounded upon this topic, but hopefully, these thoughts will help you springboard into an important conversation with your kids throughout this month leading up to our nation’s presidential election.

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