Why Should I Follow This Blog?

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog! My name is Andrew Linder and I’m passionate about ministering to kids, their families, and others who desire to make a difference in the next generation.


My desire through this blog is to encourage and motivate you with practical ideas and content that will energize your family life or ministry.  Here are the main topics I blog about:


  • Raising kids is tough work.  You don’t have to go at it alone. Learn tested and proven principles that simplify your parenting and make you more successful in the long run.  A majority of my content is parenting related.  Don’t settle for parenting passively – parent passionately!


  • Those who work with kids are not doing something of less value than those who work with teenagers or adults. In fact, they’re working with the world’s greatest mission field – children. I love adding value to those who serve kids.  Whether you’re a school teacher, a Sunday School teacher, or a volunteer who works with kids on any level, if kids are highly important to you, you’ll find this blog to be both informative and inspiring.


  • Being in charge is a huge responsibility.  From time to time, I enjoy sharing principles and insights I’ve learned as a leader that will help you become better in any way you lead – whether as a parent, employee, or ministry leader.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do desire to come alongside of you and equip and challenge you to better serve the children in your life.

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